Feet up, exhausted

I’m back on the sofa, beer in hand, feeling I could fall asleep immediately. I’ve had a murderous week on the sleep front, with my old friend insomnia making a reappearance.

A lack of sleep makes pretty much everything else more difficult. I’ve managed to get through each day of work, I’ve got outside for fresh air and sunlight and I’ve had some exercise. I finished a call at about 5:30pm this evening and that was that. My brain gave up and it was all I could do to slip into my favourite Uniqlo sweatpants and collapse in a slightly crumpled heap.

@TheFrankFlyer made us a delicious stir fry for dinner and it feels great to just lie back and let some TV wash over me. Here’s hoping for some better sleep tonight and a positive end to the working week.

I was definitely boosted by all the positive vaccine news this week and finally have a sense of optimism about what 2021 might bring. I’d like to meet my friends, hug my family and stop wincing when someone coughs in public. I’d like to get on a plane and lie on a beach. I’d like to have friends round for games night.

I’d like to never hear about COVID-19 again.

I know I’m not alone when it comes to this. It just doesn’t make it any easier.

3 comments on “Feet up, exhausted

  1. ethnicolor

    The place is looking great, BTW. This post reminds me that as semi-retirement is not as far away as it was, my long-promised self-gifting of an Eames lounge chair and Ottoman is possibly on the horizon!


    • Ah thank you. We invested in it earlier this year due to lockdown. If you’re going to be stuck indoors, then it should be somewhere as comfortable as possible.


  2. ethnicolor



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