(Beer) Advent day two: Jet Stream

It’s day two of opening my lovely Brewdog Advent Calendar and I have to say, sliding out the mystery can this morning was a treat.

Don’t worry – I don’t have the beer for breakfast. But I do take it out while I make a coffee, giving me time to take a snap and then pop it in the fridge so it’s ready for when I get home from work.

On opening the cardboard door this morning, I was thrilled to see the British Airways logo. I had instant memories of the fabulous Speedbird IPA and looked forward to cracking it open this evening.

I just did and…it’s no Speedbird. Whereas Speedbird is cracking with flavour, this Pale Ale is verging on bland. @TheFrankFlyer laughed out loud at the expression on my face when I took a slug.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not unpleasant. It’s just not as tasty as I was hoping. Will I finish the can? I definitely will, as I hate waste. Plus, I was really in the mood for a beer when I got in this evening. Would I have a second if it was offered to me? I don’t think I would, unless I was very thirsty and it was the only thing on offer.

I could definitely see me drink this on the beach, when the only requirement is that the drinks are chilled. But when you’re really concentrating on enjoying the beer, and any chance of sprawling out in the sunshine is out of the question for the foreseeable future, then I’d have to give this a hard pass.

Brewdog Jetstream Pale Ale: ⭐️⭐️/5

3 comments on “(Beer) Advent day two: Jet Stream

  1. Paul Taylor

    In case you may not have noticed, BrewDog currently have the Speedbird on limited release, available on their website. I discovered Speedbird after you recommended it back in the summer, and have been hoping it would come back ever since working through my first batch – there are 24 cans on order right now!


  2. Paul Taylor

    In case you haven’t noticed, BrewDog have the Speedbird ale on limited release, available from their website right now. I discovered it based on your recommendation back in the summer, and have been hoping it would reappear ever since – I spotted it a couple of days ago and there are 24 cans on the way to me!

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