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Apple Arcade and my latest obsession

While I’m not a massive gamer, I do like to dabble and for me, nothing makes this easier than Apple Arcade.

For a small monthly fee, subscribers get access to hundreds of games compatible across the iOS, iPadOS and macOS platforms.

After ignoring it for a few weeks due to getting incredibly busy at work, I stumbled across what can only be called my new gaming obsession: Mini Motorways. It’s fiendishly simple and as addictive as crack (I assume…).

As a massive fan of the Sim City games over the years, this had me hooked from the very first moment. Your goal is to link up homes and shops with roads, so cars can move between the two as efficiently as possible. With time, you get to build bridges, install traffic lights and build motorways.

Of course, the homes and shops are colour-coded, have to be linked as such, and appear on screen in some interesting (and sometimes frustrating) locations. You have a weekly budget of road tiles you can build, so you need to be thoughtful about how you ‘spend’ them.

The stand-out for me is the soundtrack. It’s beautifully absorbing and perfect chill out music. If you like simple, well-crafted games, I can definitely recommend Mini Motorways.

3 comments on “Apple Arcade and my latest obsession

  1. ethnicolor

    Have you played this game’s predecessor, Mini Metro? A better game, IMHO!


  2. The more I hear of Apple Arcade – there are many great games it seems – the more I’m inclined to sign up for it.


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