Notion adds widgets to iOS 14

The Swiss Army knife of productivity apps, Notion, has just added widgets to it iOS 14 app. This means you can more quickly access either recent pages or your favourites, rather than scroll through everything you’ve created.

I’ve come to love Notion for its power and flexibility, though I neither use it for notes or task management! It’s where I gather project information and status indicators, giving me a super useful dashboard for my professional and personal projects.

It’s also great for managing my work podcast and the multiple blogs I write, as well as key paperwork for client projects, timelines and other information I need to have at my fingertips when on a call. There’s also a travel wishlist in there, for when all this lockdown disruption finally comes to an end.

I have to admit, it’s taken me some time to get here. I initially tried to do everything with Notion, a trap I understand lots of people fall into. You don’t need to use it for everything – you just need to figure out how it’s going to be useful for you.

And while I’ve been leaning heavily on its macOS app, there are iOS and iPadOS apps, albeit not as powerful or full-functional as their macOS sibling.

Luckily, Notion have an excellent suite of resources on their YouTube channel and the video below is a great starting point if you’re new to the app or just fancy a fresh start.

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