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Adapting to the iPhone 12 Pro

After what seemed like an age, I finally decided which of the new iPhone models to upgrade to. My existing iPhone XS Max was absolutely perfect in every way – until I saw what the new models could do.

After successfully avoiding a 2019 upgrade to the iPhone 11, I was snared by the messaging at the very slick Apple event and ordered an upgrade the moment they were available. The plan is to get two years out of this one, just like last time. We shall see how that pans out.

And surprising myself, I actually opted not to get the iPhone 12 Pro Max. This is an absolute monster of a phone and seems like it would be suited to my penchant for massive screens and top of the line specs. Instead, I went for the iPhone 12 Pro, its smaller sibling.

I know, right?

Fat fingers

Anyway, a couple of weeks in, I’m loving it – but it take a while to get used to it. The handset is definitely smaller than my XS Max, and that includes the on-screen keyboard. I spent my first few days making more than the occasional typo when writing and even wondering if I’d made a mistake in not ordering the Max.

Thankfully that passed, and I’m not glad I have a phone that can comfortably fit in my pocket, that speeds along no matter the task and whose screen and general build quality are both superb. I can write emails and text messages one-handed, which is ideal for time spent commuting and/or drinking coffee. I mean, you shouldn’t need both hands to operate a phone, right?

Loving it

The combination of hardware and iOS 14 are fantastic. I love the small touches as much as the big upgrades, but more than anything this feels like a solid and very well-made phone. Reassuringly heavy.

I’m glad I didn’t go with my size queen tendencies and get the monster Max model and now that I’ve taken dozens of photos, I can really see the improvement to the camera – especially when compared with my XS Max.

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