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A morning walk

After a couple of days of pretty dire weather here in London, I made sure I got out into the unexpected morning sunshine when I arrived at my office today.

I try to get out for at least a thirty-minute walk every lunchtime, but sometime told me it would be sensible to go while the going was good. So I walked the length of the dock in the sun, enjoying the site of water fowl and a rowing team going past, along with morning runners, commuters and students.

There’s something lovely about walking alongside a body of water. A sense of space, a feeling of calm. It couldn’t be more different to London’s busy streets. I soak up the calm while I can, and frankly the sunshine was a bonus.

On the whole, it was super quiet and it was just me and the podcast playing in my ears. I was listening to ‘Macbreak Weekly’ and their take on yesterday’s Apple Event. I left home this morning ambivalent about the new iPhone models, but arrived at my office quite certain that I’m going to buy the new iPhone 12 Pro Max.

If I have to narrow it down to a single factor, it’s the new camera technology. I’m a compulsive photo-taker, taking snaps of my everyday life as I go about my business. But also photographing my travels (back when we were allowed to go places) and adventures in London.

I realised I want the best possible camera in my phone and it looks like the 12 Pro Max absolutely kicks ass. Maybe I’m talking nonsense. Maybe I’ve just been taken in by Apple marketing once again.

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