Too many Apple rumours…

Just a few days to go until Apple’s next event and I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed by the volume of rumours about the new iPhone(s).

It’s fairly inevitable that they’ll launch the various iterations of the iPhone 12 on Tuesday, but for the last few weeks, I’ve read an almost bottomless pit of rumours about specs, models, prices and ‘surprises’.

I didn’t upgrade last year and I’m still very pleased with my iPhone XS Max. Lovely, large screen, speedy processor and, as of last month, the most up to date version of iOS. I didn’t feel any need to upgrade last September and I’ve not felt any urge to do so since.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be wowed by something Apple announces, though. This in particular, I’m keen to extract any joy from life as possible. And if this takes the form of excitement at a new and improved iPhone camera, then so be it.

But is 2020 the year I want to lay out (inevitably) over £1200 on a phone?!

I can get about £450 for my XS Max (testament to how these phones keep their value) as it’s in perfect condition. But that still leaves quite a bill to pay.

If the rumours about timing are correct, it won’t be until the next of next month before the largest of the models ships, so I’ll have plenty of time to consider my options.

And I keep coming back to this point. If it was the choice between getting a new iPhone and getting a new model of iPad Mini, I’d throw my cash at Apple for the iPad Mini every time.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like there’ll be a new iPad Mini any time soon.

So let’s see what Tim Cook et al excite and delight us with on Tuesday. I’ve cleared my calendar so I can tune in live.

(Photo by Pascal Brändle on Unsplash)

1 comment on “Too many Apple rumours…

  1. ethnicolor

    Yet another Apple Special Event! Last year I bought the iPhone 11 Pro Max with the understanding I wasn’t going to upgrade for a couple of years; they just work too well too long, and I don’t think there’s going to be anything new on the new phone that is going to tempt me to trade in and trade up.

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