Apple Watch

The Apple Watch that wasn’t

After watching the most recent Apple product announcement last week, both TheFrankFlyer and I agreed that the new Apple Watch model was worth getting. Not one to hang about, he’d ordered ours before the evening was out.

Development one: we then discovered that we could reserve the watches in-store and pick them up in person before our ordered units were even ready for dispatch. So we did! Friday lunchtime, we headed to the truly dreadful Westfield mall in Stratford and picked up our new magical timepieces.

We then headed out for a magnificent lunch at the newly-reopened Big Easy here in Canary Wharf. We both overdid it on the carbs front and TheFrankFlyer ended up having to take a recovery nap as a result. I headed out to meet a friend for beers in the sunshine, my Apple Watch still safely tucked up, unopened, at home.

Development two: Saturday morning, I wake up (somewhat discombobulated due to the previous evening’s beers) but keen to set up my new watch. We’d already sold our Series 5 models on Music Magpie and really needed to get them in the post. So I unpaired my watch and wiped all the data. I then unpacked my new watch and spent a few minutes while sipping my coffee, admiring the packaging.

Because I’m sad like that.

Twenty minutes later and my new watch still isn’t working. No amount of charging or pushing of buttons will wake it up. Frank’s is working like a dream and so I’m feeling not a little bit hacked off. A thorough search of online resources didn’t help one jot. So I did the only thing I could think of and sounded off on Twitter.

Development three: this morning, I woke up to a tweet from Apple, offering to help. Just a little bit too late. The watch had already been packed up and returned to Apple. Frank ordered a new one for himself and is giving me the watch he’s been using for the last twenty-four hours. So, we’ll both get a new watch, but I’m still shaking my head at the time wasted getting them and wondering if we’d have been better off just leaving the original order as is, waiting like the (im)patient little Apple nerds we are.

I’ll have a Series 6 on my wrist before I go to bed this evening and that’s the main thing.

2 comments on “The Apple Watch that wasn’t

  1. ethnicolor

    How did it work out?


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