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Some Sunday sunshine

In anticipation (sadly) of a further lockdown here in London, I’m making sure I get outside just as much as I can.

I’m trying to be positive, but the data don’t lie: there’s another wave of COVID-19 on the way and a toxic combination of ineffectual government communications and a confused/careless public mean it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

So, after a 6km run this morning, we had brunch at home, then went for a walk around Canary Wharf. It was tempting to enjoy some time on the sofa, but the sunshine and high temperatures outside made sure I’d feel guilty if I didn’t get out at least for an hour or two.

It’s been a gorgeous day, weather-wise, and it was nice to sip a cold drink, sit back in the sunshine, and pretend to be on holidays.

We sauntered down to Wood Wharf, where there’s a lovely space to sit and look out at the dock. The new boardwalk is fabulous and it’s usually very quiet – unlike the other public spaces in the neighbourhood.

I loved getting barefoot and lying back to absorb some rays. After a few days of relentlessly bad news, it was great to kick back and just take it easy for a while. Could it have been any better? Only if I’d been lying back on a beach. As it was, I got to work on tanning my legs, which had been sadly neglected in recent weeks.

To add to the positive vibes, I arrived back at our apartment to find a delivery waiting for me: a bottle of champagne from my sister, to congratulate me on my new office. So kind. I’ll be looking forward to enjoying that next weekend – just need to find a (good?) excuse.

If there’s one thing better than champagne, it’s free champagne.

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