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The taste of Japan at Eat Tokyo

I enjoyed a day off work yesterday (yet another cancelled holiday!) so The FrankFlyer and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice lunch, and pretend we were on holidays.

We headed to Eat Tokyo, on Red Lion Street, and I can say without hesitation that it was the finest Japanese meal I’ve had in some time. That said, I faced two challenges: selecting something from the enormous menu and then, once the food had arrived, finishing the extra large helpings!

Having heard great things about the bento boxes at Eat Tokyo, I went for the Tonkatsu Bento, with a side of Takoyaki. The side order was excessive and possible the star that broke my digestive camel’s back in the hours following lunch. I needed a post-lunch nap so badly!

Frank went for a bento with tempura prawns, sashimi and delicious chicken (I had to sample!) and each bento box came with a tasty bowl of miso soup. All in all, our selections were excellent and left me feeling both full but also excited for a return visit.

So yes, while we weren’t actually in Tokyo, as we should have been, we both agreed that it was like a little slice of Japan here in London. And the number of Japanese people enjoying lunch there just served to underline it. Leaving the restaurant was a bit of a jolt, as I half-expected to talk out onto a back street somewhere in Shinjuku!

I’ll definitely be back, but won’t be going for the Takoyaki.

Eat Tokyo, 50 Red Lion Street, High Holborn, London WC1R 4PF

2 comments on “The taste of Japan at Eat Tokyo

  1. ethnicolor

    Glad ye enjoyedit, and don;t worrry, you will get back to Tokyo again, one day!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m looking ahead to 2021 and hoping for a lot more travel, including Japan. In the interim, it’s all about the UK and short breaks by train.


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