A return to the cinema?

The last time I went to the cinema was the 1st of March, just before all hell broke loose and we ended up in lockdown.

As a very regular cinema-goer, this was a bit of an inconvenience, but I had no idea that I wouldn’t be able to go back for nearly six months! Yet here we are.

I’m an Everyman member and my local cinema in Canary Wharf has finally re-opened. I’ve taken the plunge and booked myself a ticket for tomorrow afternoon’s showing of ‘Tenet‘. Because I’ve wanted to see it since I first stumbled across the trailer, but also because it’s the only thing that the cinema is showing right now!

Last week, Everyman sent me a ‘care package’, consisting of a mask and a voucher to buy some food and drink on my next visit. I’ll be taking advantage of both tomorrow afternoon. I could see from the seat map that once I’d chosen my preferred spot, seats all around were blocked out. So it looks like there’ll be social distancing in place.

Whether or not other people stick to it is another question. I’ve decided that if I don’t feel it’s safe, due to other people’s behaviour, I’ll just leave. No amount of slick sci-fi from Christopher Nolan is worth catching a deadly virus.

It’s front of mind after flying back from Edinburgh yesterday evening. Our arrival into London was marked by far fewer people wearing masks and very few attempts to keep a safe social distance.

I’ll have my eyes peeled…

(Photo by Myke Simon on Unsplash)

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