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Maki & Ramen: a delightful find

Walking around, looking for somewhere to eat in Edinburgh last night, TheFrankFlyer and I had made up our minds to go to Wagamama.

(I should add that this was after two previous attempts to get food elsewhere, both of which were dismal failures. A story for another time, perhaps.)

We marched back up the Leith Road, heading towards St. Andrew’s Square, when a store front to our left caught my eye: Maki & Ramen. I’m not exactly sure why, but I was drawn to check out the menu. It was definitely Japanese and when I took in the whole restaurant, memories of Japanese visits came flooding back.

We looked at each other and smiled, mentally and simultaneously abandoning our plans for Wagamama (sorry guys!) and headed inside. After a moment to register for their track and trace process (the new normal, right) we were sitting at our table, navigating the menu.

A wonderful selection of authentic Japanese starters, multiple delicious-looking ramen bowls and curries sat in front of us. It was tough choosing between the options, but eventually I opted for Takoyaki to start and a simple Tonkatsu ramen bowl for my main.

Both were great. The broth was so delicious – and I quickly discovered a surprising addition to what I was expecting: sweet corn! I’ve never encountered it in ramen before, but it added a lovely texture and sweet taste. Perfect with the salty, savoury pork.

I’m pretty open about my addiction to Takoyaki! I’ll select them where available and make a point of getting them at street stalls when in Japan. Hot off the plate, covered in that delicious mayonnaise and Bonita flakes. Last night, they represented the perfect accompaniment to my ramen.

I had a single bottle of Asahi on the side and the whole experience was lovely. Service was super and friendly, the ambience was pure Japan and I’ve added it to my list of ‘Edinburgh favourites’. I’ll return for sure and if you’re located anywhere near and enjoy Japanese food, then I’d recommend you pop by and check it out.

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