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Haggis? It would be rude not to!

I’m in Edinburgh with TheFrankFlyer at the moment and almost as soon as we arrived, we made the obligatory visit to the Cafe Royal.

This is one of my favourite spots in Edinburgh and is a bit of an institution. Entering is like stepping back in time, but in a good way. Excellent, friendly service, fantastically over the top decor and a great menu make it a must do when you’re in town.

As ever, I opted for the haggis, neeps and tattles. For the uninitiated, this is a combination of haggis, mashed turnips and mashed potatoes, finished with a creamy whiskey sauce.

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

When it comes to haggis, I find it best not to dwell on either the ingredients or how it’s made, but rather focus on the taste and how it combines perfectly with what’s accompanying it on the plate. And on the side, a pint of Punk IPA, which went really well with the peppery haggis.

It was a great start to the evening and just what we needed to get settled in for our long weekend in Scotland. If you’re ever in Edinburgh, I can’t recommend the Cafe Royal enough.

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