The mystery of the missing Kindle: solved

I was up in Edinburgh almost a month ago today, and sadly that was the last time I saw my loved Kinde Paperwhite.

After unpacking back in London, it was nowhere to be seen. After going through all our bags and even the laundry basket, I gave up hope. I remembered putting it in the hotel room safe and had the sinking feeling that it had been left behind. The black kindle was hard to see against the dark innards of the safe, to be sure.

Begrudgingly, I bought a replacement and chalked up the loss the experience. And stupidity, obviously. I don’t think I’ve felt unhappier clicking ‘Buy now’ on any website, ever. Yes, I could have relied on my iPad mini, but it’s not a great idea to stare into an illuminated screen just before going to sleep – I really only use my Kindle for bedtime reading.

This morning, I was packing my bags for this weekend’s trip to Edinburgh. I reached into the cupboard next to my desk to retrieve my iPad Pro carrying case – a pretty neat folio type arrangement I picked up in Tokyo many years ago – and what fell out of it? My Kindle Paperwhite, of course.


I still can’t understand how it got all the way back to London in the case, out of my bag and into the cupboard under the printer without me noticing. It’s small, but it’s not that small.

So here I sit, proud owner of two Kindles. I hope the power doesn’t go to my head.

(Photo by Amanda Jones on Unsplash)

3 comments on “The mystery of the missing Kindle: solved

  1. stevemorton

    I have two, one I use just for books I buy from Amazon USA, the other for Amazon UK!

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  2. stevemorton

    I occasionally get sent Amazon USA vouchers, buying books with them is the best ‘free delivery’ method of spending them!

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