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The heat, so unrelenting

Now listen, I’m not going back on what I said in my last post. I love this heat and am drawn to the sunshine like it’s in my DNA.

However, last night was just a bit too much, even for me.

I spent the evening on the sofa, with the air-conditioning unit and a fan pointed at me. Clothes were shed and flung away just as soon as we got into from a nice walk around Canary Wharf. But it didn’t really help.

It was still insanely warm in the apartment and I ended up going to bed much earlier than TheFrankFlyer. I was exhausted. I lay on top of the covers, the thought of getting under the duvet turning my stomach. I had yet another fan pointed at me, and the window wide open.

Yes, hello neighbours. This is what a naked middle-aged hobbit with heat exhaustion looks like. Enjoy! (I don’t usually care too much what the neighbours can see as I live my domestic naturist life, but right now, their sensibilities are so far down my list…)

Despite the cool air on my skin and the relative quiet of the room, I couldn’t concentrate on my book, on comics or even a podcast. I couldn’t fall asleep either. Being tired yet unable to sleep is pretty unpleasant. But add to that high temperatures and a sweat that just won’t stop and it’s torture.

I was so warm, I didn’t even want my feet or legs to touch each other. So I just lay there panting, arms and legs stretched out, looking a lot like a rather short, pudgy naked sky-diver.

I stayed that way pretty much through the night, with intermittent tossing and turning, until my 0630am alarm this morning. To say I’ve been a little discombobulated by lack of sleep today would be an understatement. But I’ve held off on injecting myself with coffee, as I want the best possible chance of sleeping this evening. Instead, I’ve enjoyed a couple of cups of tea, a lot of chilled water with cucumber and a run before work this morning.

Oh yeah, it was 21C at 0730 this morning. That run was like getting through an assault course.

It. Has. Been. Tough.

Yet still, I don’t begrudge this heatwave or wish it gone, and I know in my heart of hearts that I’ll miss the sunshine when it’s just a distant memory.

But please, brain. Let me sleep this evening?

(Photo by George Chandrinos on Unsplash)

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