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Barefoot and fancy free

I went out for a few outdoor beers in the sun last Thursday night, enjoying the last couple of hours of daylight at The Grandstand Bar in Canary Wharf.

They’ve taken the grassy space outdoors and spray-painted white circles to encourage social distancing. It’s simply encouraged me to sit on the grass and get super comfortable. Interestingly, the two friends I was there with instantly took off their shoes as soon as we sat down, and after a moment or two, so did I.

Oh, the feeling of fresh grass underfoot is wonderful. Closing my eyes, listening to the conversations of the people around me, the distant music and feeling the sunshine on my head – I was instantly transported to Barcelona. Such a nice feeling, if only for a few moments.

My daydream was smashed irrevocably by the group one circle over, whose Estuary English accents and frequent use of the c-bomb reminded me I was, in fact, in London.

Oh well.

I think I’ve written before about how much I like to be barefoot in the summer. Obviously, I can’t walk the streets of London without shoes, but flip-flops are a handy alternative that can be kicked off as soon as it’s appropriate. When my feet can make contact with a lawn, some sand or even pebbles on a beach, I’m instantly relaxed – at least for a while.

Though this does underline the importance of getting pedicure just as soon as I can. Five months without one, plus lots of running, have left my feet in tatters. If I’m going to get them out in public, then they could do with a bit of a polish.

Yes, there you have it. A blog post about my feet. I hope this is the kind of content you’ve been searching for.

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