At least it saves on laundry

The mini heatwave we’re experiencing in London is definitely taking its toll on some people. But you won’t find me complaining!

I took a day off on Friday and spent most of the afternoon lying in the garden. We share the garden with all the other residents in our apartment building, but I had it all to myself. Probably because it was 35C and just far too hot for everyone else.

I spent my time reading, listening to audiobooks and catching up on my podcast queue. I also did my daily mindfulness meditation (a new experience to do it outdoors) and then headed out at 5pm to meet a friend for outdoor, socially distanced beers.

My recipe for dealing with the heat is threefold:

  1. Remember the cold, dark, miserable London winter and how I longed for sunshine and the opportunity to lie in the sun and tan.
  2. Drink as many ice-cold liquids as I can, as frequently as I can.
  3. Wear as little as possible when outdoors and absolutely nothing when at home

My domestic naturism is pretty well catalogued on this blog (and other social media channels), but I can’t emphasise enough how much lying on the sofa, naked and in front of a fan, is helping me deal with these oppressive temperatures.

The breeze in the garden when I sunbathed on Friday was just what I needed. As was the litre of water in my tote bag. But when back in the apartment, in our already very warm building, there’s little no no natural air movement and it can feel energy-sapping. Cue the fans and our (ugly) air-conditioning unit at night, and fans and open windows during the day.

Last night, TheFrankFlyer and I got back from a friend’s birthday beers here in Canary Wharf and he flung open the bedroom window. This window either tilts inward a couple of inches, or can be opened completely from the side. He opted for the latter and all concern about what the neighbours across the street might see evaporated in the face of 28C temperatures in the room where we were attempting to sleep.

Somehow, I managed to sleep through to 7am this morning and, while it’s still warm, it definitely feels cooler than yesterday. There won’t be any sunbathing for me, as the clouds have completely obscured the sun. So it looks like another day of home-based heatwave nudity lies ahead.

I’m just incredibly thankful this is all taking place after London’s lockdown regulations were eased. If I had to stay indoors while it was 35C and sunny outside, the FOMO would be overwhelming.

If it’s super hot where you are, how are you dealing with the heat?

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