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Upping our study game

One of the (few) positives to come out of this year’s COVID-19 lockdown has been spending time working on some household projects. We’ve made a lot of progress improving various aspects of our apartment, but the one I’m more excited about is our study.

I previously set this up like a home office. It was before I’d arranged my own office in the City and needed to be somewhere I could do everything I needed from a work perspective.

Needs must, and as such, the room turned out like a bit of an Ikea showroom. Pretty much all of the furniture was sourced from the ubiquitous Swedish giant, and it definitely served me well. But this year, I realised it was time for a change – and time to grow up.

Before we could introduce any new furniture, we had to do a clear out of what was in there. This included a culling of books and paperwork (the shredder nearly had an embolism dealing with the volumes of paper we stuffed into it) as well as selling or donating virtually all the furniture. We were left with a messy but flexible shell, perfect for the desk and shelving unit I’d bought.

The new furniture came ready to assemble, but rather than being complex, it was just difficult to complete because it was so damned heavy. In fact, we had to wait for a friend to call by before we could life the desk unit up off the floor where we’d screwed it together!

It was an afternoon’s work (and more than a few pounds) but we’re both incredibly happy with the results. We now have a room where we can work, work out or relax and it doesn’t look like an anonymous office. Next up: our bedroom…

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