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Sunshine over Canary Wharf

We’ve had a few incredible days of wonderful weather and I’ve done my very best not to miss a moment.

Whether it’s been getting outside for an early morning walk, taking work breaks out in the garden, or running by the river, I’ve soaked up enough vitamin D to get me through the next few weeks!

Yesterday afternoon, we had a picnic in the garden and had some friends over for socially distanced drinks. It was wonderful to just lie back on the lawn, beer in hand, and forget about COVID-19 for just a few hours. I was so glad I could finish up work early and bring down beers and snacks to fuel our laughs.

Despite the heat, I managed to have an excellent night’s sleep. Though based on what I’ve been on Twitter today, that definitely wasn’t the case for everyone.

Today was, admittedly, a lot cooler, but I think most people in London needed it. Once it’s over 30C, the place seems to start melting, and the news is full of stories of sunshine-related madness. After a run this morning, I popped out to Canary Wharf to pick up some groceries and grab a cold drink in the Jubilee Place park.

It almost felt like being on holidays. Which is most definitely something I miss right now…

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