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You bought a WHAT?!

First, there was the HomePod. And it was good. In fact, it was fantastic.

It was so good, that we ended up buying a second one while there was a £100 discount on the standard price. These were set up as a stereo pair, connected to the Apple TV in our living room.

The upgrade in sound quality was palpable. Incredible bass, nice higher tones and the perfect devices to stream my Spotify faves or listen to streaming radio.

But now.

Now we’re refurbishing our study and the wired stereo speakers connected to my iMac gave up the ghost (died) as we were moving furniture about. I feel they got a good innings and served me well. But frankly, once you’ve enjoyed the quality of sound from a HomePod, it’s hard to go back to speakers that cost £20.

You can figure out the rest for yourself…

So, a HomePod was inevitably added to the shopping list for our study. I’m not worried that it’s going to be superseded by an even better model, as that’s the nature of tech. I just can’t wait to enjoy quality sound in the study, be it music or spoken word.

And now that we’re a ‘Homekit‘ household, each HomePod is also a place to ask (Irish) Siri to control our lighting and various electric fans.

I had a sudden wobble today and wondered if the HomePod discounts would dry up. So I quickly hopped onto John Lewis online, to find they were going for £199. I’ll be picking it up in-store tomorrow.

This day next week, fingers crossed, the new desk and shelves will be assembled and in place and my latest HomePod will be providing excellent reading-friendly tunes.

(Photo by Przemyslaw Marczynski on Unsplash)

3 comments on “You bought a WHAT?!

  1. ethnicolor

    Excellent – I approve! Mine are in a stereo pair and I use them for iPad audio (watching TV / movies) and general Siri stuff, including all Home interactions. I’d love to add a 3rd in the bedroom, but they are expensive. I worry that Apple will drop them totally, they’ve never sat very well in their product lineup.

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    • ethnicolor

      Aaannnnd… ker-PURCHASED! Call me impulsive, but even with currency conversions, £199 is a good price for an amazing speaker. John Lewis accepted my N.I. post-box service, even though they specified “UK Mainland” delivery. We’ll see!

      Liked by 1 person

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