Nine hours of sleep later…

After Sunday night’s epic insomnia, I had an almost equally poor night’s sleep on Monday night. And this made Tuesday pretty hard to navigate – especially as I had a coaching session and two webinars to run.

Ironically, one of the sessions was all about resilience and covered the importance of sleep. So last night, after some encouragement from TheFrankFlyer, I turned to drugs.

Don’t panic! I just took a couple of Niquil, which have a tendency to absolutely knock me out. I take them as a last resort when I have a head cold as they work on me like a tranquilliser dart from the movies. I take them so infrequently that I forgot we had some in the house! First time this year and hopefully, it’ll be months before I need to again.

As a result, I slept from just after 10pm until just after 7am this morning. Proper deep, uninterrupted sleep. And I now feel like I could take on the world.

Sleep really is a superpower and the best thing we can do to recharge the batteries and get back in the saddle to deal with whatever life throws at us. I can feel the difference in my attention span, my concentration, my mood.

Is this what Captain America felt like once he’d taken the Super Soldier serum? Probably. But then again, that’s where the comparison ends. Unfortunately.

So, onwards and upwards to a big work day (which I kicked off at 8am as I was feeling so energetic) and hopefully another night of quality sleep.

(Photo by Kasper Rasmussen on Unsplash)

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