Three weeks with the Apple iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

I got my (seriously discounted) iPad Pro Magic Keyboard last month and after a brief ‘first impressions‘ summary, I thought I’d share some reflections after extended use.

But first, a caveat. Due to the clusterfuck that is the COVID-19 pandemic, I haven’t been traveling. I’ve barely been leaving the apartment! So the iPad Pro has not been my go-to device on the move. That said, I’ve been using a fair amount and can say with confidence that the Magic Keyboard is excellent. If insanely expensive.


The keyboard is a joy to type on, after some initial adjustment. It’s not as wide as the standard keyboard I use with my iMac, so switching between them rapidly can be a little fiddly. But after just a a few minutes, it’s easy to get used to. The trackpad too, is great. Large enough and responsive enough – hard to imagine it’s connected to an iPad and not a MacBook.

I’ve written thousands of words on it in the weeks since it arrived and can honestly say it’s one of the nicest keyboards I’ve used.

Viewing angles

Viewing angles are fine for me. I’ve not yet found it in any way restrictive, even though it looks like it doesn’t adjust all that much. I’ve had it on a table in front of me, on my lap with my feet up, on my lap with my feet on the floor and on the desk to my side and have always been able to find an angle that makes the screen perfectly viewable.


That lap-ability is important to. And yes, that is a word. Well it is now, anyway. Unlike the keyboard folio, you can definitely type with this balanced on your lap. I’ve found it just as easy to use on the lap as my MacBook and forget I’m not using a laptop after just a few moments.

The weight

It is, of course, heavier than the folio keyboard. It has to be! But is it too heavy? Not when I’m using it at home, that’s for sure. Time will tell once I take it out and about with me. But even then, imaging future trips away, I’d be happy to trade some additional weight for the flexibility of usage that the iPad Pro offers.

All in all, this is a fantastic accessory for a fantastic device. My iPad Pro is probably (I think?) my favourite Apple device, and the addition of such a high quality keyboard makes it better in ways I couldn’t have imagined previously.

But is it for you?

I have no idea! I still think that the list price is outrageous. I managed to get £100 off, due to an Amex deal that was running. Even then, I had to think it through. It’s not something to buy on impulse.

That said, if you are a very mobile iPad Pro user, who writes a lot, then it’s worth a look. Once stores are open and we can start touching the merchandise again, I’d advise going to Apple and trying one out for a while. The weight will definitely be a factor, but really – I think the main barrier to buying it is the price.

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