Ripping and shredding

Just about to jump into my final client meeting of the week, after which I’ll be running around the Canary Wharf estate, checking out potential new offices.

It’s been a fairly hectic week (compared to the rest of lockdown, anyway) and I’m looking forward to some down time this weekend. Predictably, the weather forecast is dire, so I may be spending more time in front of the TV than is ideal during the summer.

We’re busy clearing out the apartment as we’re redecorating the study. I’ve been frantically ripping CDs and shredding old paperwork, as well as giving away books – while TheFrankFlyer is eBaying various pieces of furniture. In just a couple of weeks, we have a new desk and bookcase arriving, to dramatically cut down the volume of furniture in this small room.

It will be much more like a study than a replication of my office in the City. No more Ikea furniture! Don’t get me wrong, it served us well for the last seven years, but it’s time to get something more grown-up and in keeping with the rest of the apartment.

It’s exciting, but in order to get there, we need to reduce the number of things we’re holding on to. Marie Kondo needs to get in here pronto and challenge my attachment to a whole bunch of stuff. Every time I pick up a book or a CD, I instantly get taken back to my twenties and all my previous life adventures. I find it so interesting how our physical sense spark memories and images so easily. It’s enjoyable, but incredibly inefficient!

And now, back to work!

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