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Supporting Relay.fm

One of the small things I’ve been doing during lockdown has been to be more mindful of the businesses I support.

Some organisations have revealed themselves to be truly awful, especially in how they treated their employees. Certain pub chains spring to mind. Others have such a positive ethic, I can’t help but support them.

One example of the latter is Relay.fm, a fantastic podcast network that has entertained me for quite some time. I’ve recently become a member and donate just £5 a month to keep them going. I’m a little embarrassed not to have signed up before now, as they do great work and I’m a long-time listener

I hope they’ll agree that I’m ‘better late than never’!.

If you’re a podcast listener and like well-produced and interesting shows, I’d encourage to give them a listen. Seeing how successful they are, there’s a good chance you’re already listening to one of their shows already!

I’d just like to publicly thank Myke and Stephen, the co-founders, for keeping me entertained on my runs, my walks and my time sheltering from coronavirus.

(Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash)

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