Lockdown Life

Soaking up some sunshine

There was more than a little excitement in the MacPsych household yesterday, when TheFrankFlyer discovered one of our local Starbucks outlets had reopened!

It’s been months since he had one of his favourite Frappuccinos and, these days, even the smallest of treats mean so much.

We ambled over yesterday evening, but the queue was just too off-putting. But we returned this morning, especially because I was keen to get some time in the glorious sunshine. And success! It was a lot quieter.

After getting our drinks at the extremely socially distanced Starbucks store (big thanks to the staff for their care), we walked outside to look for somewhere to sit and relax.

Drinks were handed out via the small gap in the doors.

There’s not a huge amount of (free) public seating in Canary Wharf, and I just knew the park would be rammed.

So we ended up sitting outside the (closed) All Bar One and took advantage of their tables and chairs. I half-expected to be moved on the omnipresent Canary Wharf security people, but they never appeared, and we enjoyed our drinks in peace – and sunshine.

It was just the top-up of sunshine that my slightly anxious brain needed.

I’d already been out for my morning walk along the river – out to Wapping and back – but this sitting still, turning my face up to the sun, was bliss. By the time we came home, I felt like I was walking on air.

I’m going to book some time to get into the sun again tomorrow. I think I can find the time away from work to look after myself. And if I develop a tan as an incidental side-effect, then all the better!

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