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Return of the Max

Wow. To be fair to Apple, I reported my borked phone to them on Sunday evening and they got a replacement to me by midday today. That’s not bad. Not bad at all. 

I was lucky enough to have an iPhone 11 as a stand-in, but I’m glad to have the nice big screen of my iPhone XS Max once again. I guess I’m a big screen guy. Or my aged eyes appreciate the larger shapes and pictures.

Either way, what could have been a major inconvenience was a minor annoyance. I got the opportunity to trial the iPhone 11, but I think I’ll stick with my Max and its successors after all is said and done.

Plus, it’s nice to have portrait mode back. Did I mentioned that it mysteriously died on my last handset a couple of months ago. I know, not a big deal, especially when we’re all on lockdown. But still. If I can’t take portrait mode selfies, what’s the point?! 😆

So I’ve packed up my borked Max and popped it into the return packaging – it should be winging its way back to Apple this evening. I know that when you make millions and millions of units of a product, some are bound to be faulty. It just felt a little hard done by when it died so suddenly and when I couldn’t go to an Apple Store to get support.

Chat support wasn’t ideal, but I can’t fault AppleCare and will definitely be buying it for my next iPhone.

So, emergency over. Back to anxiety about coronavirus and judging my antisocial neighbours extra hard.

(Photo by Matthias Oberholzer on Unsplash)

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