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Auditioning the iPhone 11…

I’m currently using an iPhone 11 as my daily handset. No, I’ve not sold or upgraded my phone. It’s a loaned handset, as my own iPhone XS Max imploded on itself late yesterday afternoon. 

Far from ideal.

I set it down on the dining table next to me as I sat down to eat dinner and it randomly restarted itself. Except it didn’t. It slipped into the most incredible and unending ‘boot loop’, with the Apple logo reappearing on screen every twenty seconds or so. None of the usual fixes seemed to have any impact and I resorted to an online chat with Apple.

One hour and forty-five minutes later, after battling some of the most passive aggressive chat messages I’ve ever encountered, I was filling in my details to get a replacement handset sent to me under the terms of my AppleCare plan.

Deep sigh.

However, this could take up to five working days and so I’d be phone-less in the interim. It’s my only mobile – and I run my business from it – so this wasn’t something I could manage for very long. Thankfully, TheFrankFlyer had an iPhone 11 handset that he could loan me, so I set it up once he’d wiped it. Thank you, Frank!

So with just about 24hrs with the iPhone 11 under my belt, I have to say I like it. It’s a lot smaller than my iPhone XS Max, but that makes it pocketable and easy to carry. It seems nice and fast, but this may be the novelty factor – I don’t have another (working) Max phone to compare it to.

Would I move to a smaller iPhone in the future? Under lockdown, I’m not going far at all, so portability isn’t such an issue. But if I picture myself on my usual selection of planes and trains, I think I’d prefer a bigger screen.

Anyhoo, I’ll just living with it for the next week or so, until my replacement arrives. While it’s super annoying that my own phone died, I’m grateful I had insurance, have Frank’s phone and have the opportunity to road test a different iPhone without spending a penny!

(Photo by Twitter: @jankolario on Unsplash)

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