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Lockdown lessons: I just needed some sun

I’ve been banging on about how tired I feel, non-stop for the past couple of weeks. I quite literally can’t make it through a work day without a nap at some point in the afternoon. It’s quite a strange change of pace.

Yesterday, I had an epiphany – the exhaustion started around the same time I started to stay indoors every day.

So yesterday afternoon, after wrapping up work for the week, I took myself down to our shared garden and spent an hour in the sunshine. I was the only one there and had our glorious BBQ area to myself – complete with comfortable picnic tables.

I brought a beer (a delicious Speedbird from Brewdog) and my bullet journal and happily scribbled away for an hour, while occasionally simply raising my face to the sun and soaking in its deliciousness.

I’m sometimes no more complex than a houseplant: I need water and sunlight to thrive. And while I definitely kept hydrated while working from home, I’ve neglected the outdoors.

Even that hour felt amazing and I came back to our apartment with a spring in my step. So I’m going to head out for a walk with TheFrankFlyer shortly and then another one tomorrow. And I’m continue to continue with my morning walks and see if I can bang this exhaustion on the head.

Life’s too short to spend great chunks of it napping, looking forward to a nap or recovering from a nap.

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