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Lockdown lessons: It was one of those days

During the middle of a global pandemic, when in lockdown mode in a massive city, I have to admit to having some good and some bad days. It’s understandable, right? Today was one of the latter, though I’ve no idea why. 

I just spent the day utterly exhausted. Despite sleeping through the entire night. I had three client appointments this morning, fuelled by coffee, and then I headed back to bed. Initially, I lay down on the sofa, but after about thirty minutes of fitful moving about, I decided I’d be more comfortable in bed.

I then slept solidly for ninety minutes.

I had to get up to have a call with my mum. We have regular catch-ups via FaceTime, something that helps to reduce the distance between us. Though nothing can replace an in-person hug.

Ironically, she’d been napping too – so we had a rather sleepy and discombobulated chat, but it was still nice to see her.

I then did some simple admin – my brain wouldn’t let me concentrate on anything even vaguely detailed. Do I focused on organising some of my projects in Trello and gathering files and resources – a sort of digital spring cleaning.

So while I got some work done today, I didn’t get everything done that I’d planned. But I think the sleep was more important. No. I know it was more important. There’s time enough tomorrow to pick up on what wasn’t completed.

I know it’s anxiety that has me so tired. I’m trying to steer clear of the news unless it’s crucial. But you can’t talk to another human without hearing more coronavirus stories. It takes its toll. It’s like rolling-news-by-osmosis.

Despite all the sleep, I’m still tired. I could sleep right now. In fact, the main reason I opened this browser was to help me stay awake. This blog post is fairly incidental…

Tonight, it’s chilli for dinner. I made a massive vat of the stuff last week and had enough left over to fill two large tupperware containers. They’ve been extracted from the freezer to allow us a very quick and easy dinner tonight.

So I’m hoping for a better day tomorrow. Less exhaustion, more smiles.

More Covid coping.

(Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash)

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