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Lockdown lessons: Is yoga making a difference?

After re-engaging with my yoga habit at the outset of the coronavirus lockdown, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s finally making a difference. 

I mean, I definitely feel good once I’ve done my morning’s thirty minutes. I feel calmer more relaxed, but also energised. My back is loosened up and I feel ready to take on the day. TheFrankFlyer took the below pics for me, so I can see how I’m doing – in the absence of a teach or a large enough mirror.

But just yesterday, he pointed out that it might be making a difference in other ways. He commented that my chest was looking…a little more defined. Now, before we go any further, let’s be clear: I’m not suddenly morphing into some kind of Adonis. But I think I might be slowly making progress on the journey away from man-boobs.

Sometimes it takes someone else to point out the changes that we can’t see for ourselves.

And all thanks to my lockdown habit of walking around naked after my shower. In fact, once we came back from yesterday morning’s walk around the Isle of Dogs and I’d showered, I didn’t get dressed again until 7pm, when we were due to catch up with some friends on Zoom. I’m not sure they were ready for that… They’re not naturists, as far as I’m aware and the conversation never veered in that direction.

It made for a very relaxing afternoon of napping, reading, watching youtube videos (I’m geeking out on Trello how-to videos at the moment) and more napping.

Given my relative lack of exercise since lockdown, accompanied by the upsurge in calories, I wondered if I was going to come out the other side looking like a particularly bad ‘before picture’ from Men’s Health. Maybe if I keep up the yoga – and even up the ante a bit – I might come out of this looking and feeling a bit better than when I went in.

There’s only one way to find out: I need to keep up the yoga and watch how things develop. Maybe I’ll even make it out of the ‘beginner’ series on my yoga app?


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