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What a difference a year makes…

This time last year – before the great lockdown of 2020 – I was luxuriating in the Mediterranean sun. My iPad’s photos app reminded me of the stark contrast with today’s situation first thing this morning.

TheFrankFlyer and I were in Mallorca, visiting his parents. We had the most incredibly time, owing largely to the fantastic upgrade we got in the hotel. We ended up with our own private roof terrace, positioned perfectly over the bay below. In addition to the privacy, which meant I could tan sans swimwear, we had our own outdoor shower and a jacuzzi!

I’ll be honest: I did very little during the day except lie around naked iin the sun and listen to music and podcasts. After midday, there was the occasional beer and an outdoor shower to cool down. Then back onto the lounger and maybe watching the boats come and go.

As you can see from the pics above, the glass screen meant our view wasn’t obstructed (apart from the odd reflection) and, at times, I felt like I was floating over the sea. I’m quite positive it wasn’t entirely due to the beer!

And while our hotel had the most amazing pool and lounge area on floor, once we secured our upgrade, we didn’t visit it again.

I’ve been to Mallorca at least once yearly for the past 18 years – for as long as TheFrankFlyer and I have been together. But I don’t think I’ve had such an idyllic time as I did last May.

And I’m not sure I’ve been that relaxed since! I remember thinking just how amazing it felt at the time and took a ton of photos so I’d have mementos of the week.

We only had a couple of interruptions to our solitude: both times involving our ‘neighbours’ in adjoining suites. They seemed to think it was okay to climb the wall between our decks and peer over to have a look at us. All they got was a uninterrupted view of my body soaking up sunshine.

Both times, I remember looking up, making eye contact with the people in question for an uncomfortably long time, after which they slowly climbed back down and returned to their own deck. It just reminded me how nice it is to get away from people.

And yet, here we are a year later, and I’d give anything to be lying naked in the sun like that, without a care in the world for who was gawking at me or not-so-silently judging me.

2 comments on “What a difference a year makes…

  1. Gosh, what a life! Looks and sounds amazing… gawkers aside, of course 😅


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