Farewell to Nintendo!

In a fleeting fit of maturity over the weekend, I decided to sell my Nintendo Switch on eBay. It was gone within seconds of being listed and now I’m adjusting to a post-Nintendo lifestyle.

It wasn’t really that hard, if I’m honest.

I hadn’t touched it forever and felt a little pang of guilt every time I spotted it beneath the TV. I’ve been working hard at adopting a slightly more minimalist and intentional approach to life this year, so it made sense to dispose of a gadget I simply wasn’t using. Especially when just catching sight of it led to discomfort.

TheFrankFlyer was only too happy to help, listing it for me (he’s an eBay ninja) and even packing it up once it sold. I actually made more money than I’d paid for it in Tokyo, so it was win, win, win.

One fewer unused gadget, a little more space in the apartment and a little more space in my mind. Am I living a Spartan lifestyle, with just a single cup and some form of rough, hemp robe as my sole piece of clothing? Far from it.

But stopping the influx of ‘stuff’ coming into my life means it’s easier to look at the stuff I have with a more critical eye. I wasn’t even the littlest bit sentimental about shifting the Switch – it wasn’t exactly a family heirloom!

I’m not living a games-free existence either. With Apple Arcade, I have literally hundreds of games at my fingertips via my iPad or Apple TV if I get that gaming itch. I even found a long-forgotten bluetooth gaming controller under the coffee table, which is perfect for using with games on the TV.

So what’s next?

Well, I already did a seasonal clear-out of my clothing when swapping over Winter for Summer clothes a few weeks ago. But I really think there are a few more shorts I can donate to charity. And we have the usual drawer full of chargers and cables whose intended use is now a long-forgotten mystery. And then there’s all the books…and the notebooks…

I daresay there’ll be another clear out this weekend…

(Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash)

2 comments on “Farewell to Nintendo!

  1. ethnicolor

    Oddly, I’ve been contemplating getting a Switch, purely to play Animal Crossing. It’s not a serious thought, and would be on the 2021 list for definite. Then again, I put so little time into playing games these days, it would be quite an extravagance, so just as well I didn’t know you were selling one!

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    • I still have no idea what Animal Crossing is about, nor do I want to. I’m afraid I’d get sucked into another time-vacuum and never do another day’s work as a result. As you can see, my self-control these days is pretty much absent!


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