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Lockdown Lessons: Exercise helps!

This is day 44 of my own personal London Lockdown experience, as I started working from home before the government suggested (tentatively) that we all should. And I can say with certainty that keeping active has helped a lot.

I’ve slid into quite a surprising routine over the last few weeks. I’ve steadily done less and less running, as the lack of social distancing on the streets of London E14 was stressing me out, and more and more yoga and cross-training at home.

I kick off each morning with yoga at 7:30am. Actually, that’s an out and out lie. I, of course, kick off each morning with a coffee at 6:30am. And then another coffee. And when I’m feeling slightly more human, I lay out the yoga mat and do 30 minutes.

It’s been a revelation! Once I’ve done my yoga, I feel energised and also calmer. Of everything that might change after lockdown, yoga is one of the things that’s here to stay!

I’m by no means an expert, more of an eager beginner. And the absence of mirrors or an in-house trainer means I rely on my own judgement and the occasional self-filmed session to see how I’m progressing. It’s frankly painful to watch myself flailing about, but also nice to see some minor improvements too.

Most evenings, I’ll hop on our new cross-trainer, now located in the study, and watch something on Netflix while I pump away.

At the moment, I’m thoroughly engrossed in Season 3 of ‘Occupied’ and it makes my time on the cross-trainer really fly by.

I’m looking forward to a time when I can get back outside and run for as far as I’d like and not worry about social distancing. But I think that might be quite some time in the future. So for now, it’s yoga and the cross-trainer to keep this hobbit’s body moving a bit.

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