Considering the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

I’m seriously considering investing in the new iPad Pro Magic Keyboard from Apple. If you haven’t heard of it yet (which is not surprising, given what’s going on in the world), it’s a high quality keyboard folio for the new (and old) iPad Pro.

It’s got several advantages over the existing keyboard folio, including its weight. Yes, I consider heft an advantage, especially when typing from my lap!

But it’s fairly expensive for what it is – it’s just a keyboard, after all. So with my ‘one in, one out’ strategy, this would mean selling my keyboard folio to make way for it. Not a problem, as it’s definitely showing its age!

Would I actually use it? Well my iPad Pro is often my most frequently used device for both work and leisure. I use it for writing of all sorts, as well as gaming and watching content on Netflix and similar services.

The addition of mouse support recently means it’s even more useful, especially when manipulating text or creating content in Powerpoint or Keynote. For me, at last, it’s reached the point of being an effective laptop replacement.

I’ve already decided that my existing MacBook (the 12″ model they don’t actually make anymore!) is not going to be upgraded anytime soon. I’ve no real need for a new laptop, considering how infrequently I use it. I’ll just let it gently fade out over the next few years, until it’s unusable.

Given that I’m not traveling anywhere anytime soon, do I actually need it now? Not a bit. So I’m going to wait until lockdown restrictions are reduced a little and have another look then.

If you’d like to see it in action, here’s the excellent Marques Brownlee putting it through its paces.

(Photo by Daniel Cañibano on Unsplash)

6 comments on “Considering the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

  1. ethnicolor

    Man oh man, it’s like you read my mind on this. iPadOS is now my ‘daily’ OS and this keyboard has really grabbed my attention. But the price; shocking. I don’t need it, so I have to do whatever to mitigate the cost (when I eventually plump for it!)

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    • I have to agree – the price is a killer. I’m holding off on buying ANYTHING this significant until after lockdown ends. Using the iPad Pro with an existing iMac bluetooth keyboard is just perfect. And the existing iPad keyboard folio is just fine for taking it on the move. Given everything that’s going on right now, I just can’t justify the expense. Maybe the inevitable version 2.0…?

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  2. stevemorton

    I’ve been trying things out with my existing Magic Track Pad 2 and filo keyboard and iPad Pro from 2016. Firstly I wasn’t aware of the CMD key shortcuts until I discovered those this week. Using the trackpad I can actually scroll without having to touch the screen. Scrolling doesn’t work with my old Magic Mouse (1st gen) so or the 1st gen track pads why I’m not sure. But I found confirmation of this on the Apple support website.

    I used this combination for a few hours in the week and found it really usable for 90% of tasks. There is a bit of a mind shift on how to do things compared to normal but nothing that was a deal breaker.

    When the time comes I think I will be replacing my laptop with a new iPad Pro and the track pad keyboard, I like the way it goes together.

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    • Great to hear! Yes, the addition of trackpad/mouse and keyboard changes the iPad fundamentally. I’ve been doing all my writing on it this week, using the Apple keyboard that came with my iMac. I’ve actually ordered another keyboard to keep permanently paired with the iPad, to save time.


  3. I would highly recommend the magic keyboard if you work all day from your iPad Pro. I love both my magic keyboard and smart folio keyboard, but they both have their unique uses. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! ☺️

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