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Corona Lockdown: Three more weeks…

So according to the most recent government (I use the word advisedly), we in the UK are in for another three weeks of lockdown. I’m not that surprised, if I’m honest. 

We’re in the middle of a global pandemic and despite all the warning, guidance and publicity, people in London are regularly flouting the guidelines and emphasising what selfish dicks they can be.

I’ve already ranted about the two tribes that Covid-19 has revealed, so I won’t repeat myself. But the most recent and glaring example was on Thursday evening when Westminster Bridge was rammed full of people cheering on the NHS – while simultaneously acting like a human petri dish.

I’m in no way tempted to copy the example, or feel entitled to break the lockdown rules as a result. But I know that many other will and it will just delay the end of this lockdown.

Lockdown is hard. Especially if you’ve a large household and minimal personal space. I can only imagine what it’s like to keep kids occupied, fed and educated right now. And if it’s not the physical privations, it’s the psychological: loneliness and anxiety, especially for people living on their own.

There’s lots of things I miss as a result of being stuck at home. Coffee with friends, going to the pub, enjoying trips to the cinema, sweating it out in a sauna. But they all pale in comparison with catching this virus and ending up on a ventilator.

Or worse still, passing it on to other people. I’m in no way relishing the next three weeks, but I understand why it’s necessary.

I just hope we can see a bit more common sense from the average Londoner and ‘flatten the curve’ sooner rather than later. When NHS frontline workers are being told to re-use and reduce the amount of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) they utilise when treating Covid-19 patients, now is not the time to be picking about and ending up in hospital.

Stay at home. Simple as.

(Photo by Dan Burton on Unsplash)

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