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Beer appreciation: Wild Beer Co Goro

I’m still working my way through a case of beers from Flavourly that I bought on an impulse a few months back. They’re a decidedly mixed bag and the best that can be said for most is that they’re inoffensive. 

Until this afternoon, when I cracked open a can of ‘Goro’ from the Wild Beer Co. I’ll admit, the smell and look of the drink put me off, but the first taste was what sealed the deal…revolting.

Yes, it looks like ditch water and it smells like stale Christmas pudding, but it tastes like…well, it took me a few moments to adequately describe the taste, once the involuntary shivers and wincing had passed.

I’m not kidding. It brought tears to my eyes.

To be frank, it tastes like someone left a can of Coke out in the sun to go flat, then poured in some all spice and topped it off with cheap lager. It’s like something someone would make at the very end of a drink-fuelled party, utilising the dregs to make a cocktail of doom.


The remainder was quickly thrown down the sink and I was compelled to share my revulsion online here. I returned to the fridge, but chose a more familiar option to cleanse my palate: some tasty Session IPA from Fourpure. But more on that next time.

Goro, Wild Beer Company: ★☆☆☆☆

4 comments on “Beer appreciation: Wild Beer Co Goro

  1. Yikes! That sounds so bad that I’m now curious to try it 😅

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