A minimalist writing set-up

Now that iPad OS works with a mouse I’ve set up my own little minimalist writing station using a Bluetooth keyboard too.

I got an iPad stand on Amazon (which was amazingly delivered in less than 24 hours!) and set myself up at the kitchen table. I’ve spent this afternoon working on some new course content for a client project as well as writing for my work blog.

The latter was the perfect test for my new set up and I have to say it’s been great. The iPad facilitate single app focus, so I can deep dive into whatever I’m writing. The Bluetooth keyboard (the one that came with my home office iMac) is satisfying to use and the mouse is a bonus!

No reaching for a touchscreen every five minutes, along with a reasonably ergonomic setup, considering I’m sitting at a kitchen table and not at my desk.

It’s something I’ll definitely continue to do. With each small update, the iPad Pro is morphing into a powerful computer and what’s more, I’m enjoying using it more and more.

2 comments on “A minimalist writing set-up

  1. ethnicolor

    I’ve become an almost 100% convert to iPadOS as my main OS, my poor iMac is eyeing this slender usurper with deep suspicion! Apple are definitely going the right way with this one, IMHO. I’m planning my 2021 home computing setup, and iMac doesn’t feature. I think I have to reintroduce Windows into my home life, but I plan to keep iPadOS as my main computing environment. A nice new Mac mini will be my Mac going forward, a small form factor Windows PC goes into the mix (games and Microsoft Power apps), and I’ll tie them all together with a decent flatscreen, and my existing Logitech MX Keys keyboard and Microsoft Surface Arc mouse. Quite the melange!

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