Lockdown Life

Lockdown lessons: It’s the little things

Being stuck in our apartment for about 22 hours each day means I’m actually noticing more about my surroundings than ever before. The little details of the place seem more obvious and sometimes more interesting.

The above is a photo I snapped on a whim yesterday evening, as the sun began to set in London. I noticed how the sun was bouncing off the windows of the building opposite, sending wonderful rays of golden light flooding into our living room.

I am, as usual, sitting on our chaise longue, laptop on my thighs, feet outstretched and looking towards the TV. Next to me is the most perfect round window looking out on the garden below, and my favourite plant in the apartment.


It’s become my happy place – somewhere I associate with relaxation and entertainment.

Yesterday’s burst of sunshine distracted me from the screen and I paused for quite some time to notice how the sunshine crept along my legs and changed the entire appearance of where I was sitting.

I could feel the sunshine warm up my belly and my legs and set aside my laptop to get even more of the very welcome heat. Honestly, the whole experience transfixed me for what seemed like an age – a kind of mindful focus on the sunshine.

Like I said, it’s the little things.

While (a neurotic) part of me wonders if this is what it’s like to be in prison, most of me knows I’m truly lucky to be ‘stuck’ in my own home, with everything I need just a reach away.

Have you noticed anything about your surroundings for the first time since lockdown began?

4 comments on “Lockdown lessons: It’s the little things

  1. ethnicolor

    I sure have, though it’s related to my having started working from home since January. It’s the amount of sunlight we get – wa-a-a-y more than I suspected. I never thought that sunlight was a problem in Ireland, but I ended up having to move my desk every day to avoid squinting at the screen. But it’s lovely – we did major renovations to the house 8 years ago to increase the amount of daylight, and gosh it worked!

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  2. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no such thing as too much sunshine ☀️

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  3. You are right, there is so much to notice when you’re at home almost all the time. My current happy place is sitting in the sunshine next to a window overlooking the garden. It is autumn here and I like to watch the leaves drift and fall to the ground. After many years of rushing around it is nice to be able to appreciate the smaller moments. I love your round window – it’s ace!

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