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Lockdown lessons: I love yoga!

We had an online catch-up with some friends last night, using the horrific but ubiquitous Zoom app. Technology aside, it as joyous to see some friendly faces and, after some initial discomfort, we dissolved into our usual chats over drinks. 

One question was asked of each of us: what are you doing due to the Coronavirus lockdown that you wouldn’t normally do. For me, it was easy. I’ve started daily yoga! And while it hasn’t turned me into a coolheaded zen practitioner, it has helped me face the day and generally feel a lot better.

I’m using an app on my Apple TV called Yoga Studio. I’m using the free version, but once I’ve finished all the lessons, I’m definitely going to pony up for the paid subscription. It’s superb.

You get a ton of differently focused sessions, for different levels of ability and differing durations. So it could be fifteen minutes to build flexibility or thirty minutes aimed at runners. I have found a favourite thirty-minute session which combines flexibility and balance practice, and it leaves me feeling great.

It’s now something I look forward to each day. In the absence of a teacher or appropriate mirrors, I’m kind of doing it ‘blind’. So earlier this week, I filmed my session, putting my iPhone on a tripod on the table.

It was both horrific to watch my pudgy little body flail around with some of the tougher moves, but also really useful to see how I could improve. I’ll film myself again in a few weeks to see how I’m doing. This lockdown is really prompting some creative lateral thinking!

And for a world after Coronavirus, I’m already planning on getting a travel yoga mat I can take with me on business trips – the Yoga Studio app is also available on iOS and iPadOS, so I’ll be doing the downward dog wherever I can get a bit of floorspace.

So, let me ask you: what things are you doing as a direct result of the lockdown? How are you coping?

9 comments on “Lockdown lessons: I love yoga!

  1. Great post, I want to try yoga more consistently too.


  2. You say “pudgy” but based on this pic you look like you’re in pretty good shape 🙂 Keep it up! 👍

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  3. ethnicolor

    Well, not yoga anyway! I went to yoga classes a couple of years ago and, well, it’s not for me! I’ve been getting a 3k walk in first thing in the morning, and having lots of FaceTime / Zoom chats with family & friends. My ‘Someday’ list has been reducing nicely, as well!

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