Lockdown Life

Routine helps take the edge off

By my count, today is the sixteenth day we’ve been self-isolating at home. If I’m honest, it hasn’t been the hell I’d imagined. 

We’re comfortable, have enough to eat and drink and we’re still allowed outside one per day for some exercise. If i had to identify one thing that’s making a difference, it’s routine.

I start my day with a 10km walk from Canary Wharf to Tower Bridge and back. This gives me ample thinking time and an opportunity to listen to my favourite podcasts. I make sure I have lunch at midday and finish up work by 4pm.

Each evening, I have a ‘virtual beer’ with a friend across town, using FaceTime. We talk about our days, exchanging tasting notes on the beer and generally keep each other company. Sometimes, TheFrankFlyer joins in too (multiple-user FaceTime is great!).

I’m also doing yoga on a daily basis, using an app on my Apple TV. It’s great to see and hear instructions on the big screen and, even though I’m an absolute beginner, I can honestly say it’s helping enormously with my back and hip pain. To the point where I don’t notice them anymore.

Each night, I’ll make a few notes in my Bullet Journal, tick off things on my habit tracker and – honestly – I’m in bed by 9pm. It’s a very usual side-effective of the coronavirus pandemic, but I’ve been sleeping like a baby since it began. So for once, I’ve no complaints about my insomnia!

Note this isn’t a rigid timetable, but a series of habits to top and tail each day. And what works for me isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, but you might find it useful to put some structure around your day and regain a sense of control.

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