Maybe they don’t read the news…

Despite the plethora of news updates on the present Coronavirus plague, it seems some people are still oblivious to the dangers and the government’s advice. 

I’m in my (solo) office today, doing all my work with clients remotely. I popped out to grab a coffee from the shared kitchen, only to see a pram. Someone in one of the other offices in this building decided to bring their newborn baby into central London so they could show it off to their colleagues in the office.

I have to say, it stopped me in my tracks.

I walk into the office to avoid public transport, I basically self-isolate in my own little office and I can’t remember when I last shook someone’s hand. But apparently, bringing your baby into the office is just fine?

(Photo by kate.sade on Unsplash)

1 comment on “Maybe they don’t read the news…

  1. In Italy there’s a saying: idiots’mother is always pregnant

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