Not exactly self-isolating, but…

As predicted, I spent most of today on the deliciously comfortable sofa, catching up on my TV shows and generally relaxing. I’ve only just put some clothes on, and that’s only because we have a friend coming round for dinner.

It was an incredibly lazy day and was just what I needed. 

Yes, I’m still hacked off I’m not in Paris right now, but I’m still enjoying myself and looking forward to a lovely dinner courtesy of TheFrankFlyer. A friend is coming over for movie night and, no doubt, we’ll enjoy a couple of beers and laughs.  I bought a few cans of Brewdog’s Speedbird IPA which were delivered this week, so there’s plenty to enjoy.

It’s in no way a disaster and, most importantly, we’re all well.

I’ve done a great job of avoiding the news today, which is just as well. Each time I had a peek yesterday, it just stressed me out. Trump’s bullshit most of all. But the behaviour of some people – specifically panic buying and hoarding – in the face of this pandemic is truly saddening.

We gathered up a few weeks of food in anticipation of Brexit-related food disruption. No stockpiling per se, but enough pasta, rice, tinned food and stuff in the freezer to keep us going. Little did we imagine we’d potentially be using it up to survive a modern disease epidemic spreading across the country like something from a young adult dystopian fiction novel.

And while Paris was cancelled for reasons entirely unconnected to either Coronavirus or Brexit, it’s still a disappointment. I’m hoping that I’m metaphorically taking one for the team now, so that next week’s trip to Tokyo can go ahead.

As things stand, it’s still all systems go.

Japan is doing well, on the coronavirus front, and Tokyo is a well organised and clean city. People follow the medical and governmental advice and I think I’m more likely to catch something wandering the streets of London than bopping in a bar in Shinjuku Ni-Chome. And while many public attractions are now closed until the end of the month, we’re more interested in food and drink, having visited most museums and tourist traps there over the years.

Disneyland holds absolutely no appeal for me. Its closure is pretty irrelevant.

And yes, inevitably, I’m jonesing for that First Class Japan Airlines flight experience. Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for us!

So just two more days of work left before taking off Wednesday and leaving at 7pm. I’m planning to get out to Heathrow Airport early, to enjoy everything the First Class lounge has to offer. It may be quite a while before I’m back…

2 comments on “Not exactly self-isolating, but…

  1. ethnicolor

    Dude, I hope it works out. There’s a growing “tut-tut” feeling here for anyone doing any kind of non-life-saving travel outside the house; I think we’re self-imposing self-isolation. And it *does* feel like the opening chapter in a post-apocalypse novel!


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