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Beer appreciation: Truman’s Bow Bells Pale Ale

I flew out of London City Airport yesterday evening and after the hassles of security, I took myself to Truman’s Brick Lane Brews to grab a pre-flight beer. 

I went with my gut, as I’m not too familiar with their beers, choosing a Citrus Pale Ale. I’m a sucker for anything with ‘citrus’ in the name and it usually works out just fine.

As it did this time.

IMG_2642The Bow Bells pale ale is a lovely little beer. Yes fruity, but more zesty than overly sweet. I enjoyed every sip as I cranked away at my laptop.

I would have had a second, but there was definitely no time before my flight to Edinburgh. I glugged my last mouthful as the call to gate went out.

I entered the details into Untappd and will definitely be seeking it out again. Though perhaps not at London City Airport, as they charged the princely sum of £7 for the pint. Good thing it was tasty.

The beer adventures continued once on board my flight, as it was a BA flight and they had some of my all time favourite IPA on board: Brewdog’s Speedbird IPA. Again, just the one, as…I wasn’t offered any more! 😂

Anyway, it was a tasty interlude and a very enjoyable flight up to Edinburgh.

Truman’s Bow Bells: ★★★☆☆ (one star deducted for the outrageous price!)

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