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Beer appreciation: Kansho

Last night’s comfort food session at Wagamama featured one of my favourite beers of 2019: Meantime’s Kansho.

It’s (and I say this with absolutely no hyperbole) the perfect accompaniment to Wagamama’s various curries and hits the right spot after a hard day of whatever it is you do all day.

The ginger and lime notes keep it super fresh and crisp. A much better beer for food than the usual bland lagers on sale in most places. I could drink bottles of the stuff, were it not so frequently out of stock.

“Kansho, a 4.5% ABV ginger and lime pale ale. It’s zingy and refreshing, and perfect for the warmer months on the way. We’ve added slightly sweet, slightly sour lime and warming fiery ginger to a classic Pale Ale blend of malt and hops that’ll mean ‘just having one’ is never going to happen. We recommend you enjoy the Kansho alongside Wagamama’s Chicken Katsu Curry, or Lollipop Prawn Kushiyaki.”

I’m now on a mission to buy a crate of this direct from the brewery and stock up at home for the inevitable Corona Virus apocalypse.

If I have to expire this year, I’d like to do it full of ginger and lime zinginess…

Kanso Pale Ale: ★★★★★

2 comments on “Beer appreciation: Kansho

  1. ethnicolor

    Its good to know what you like, and a bit of self-indulgence is no harm! I never, ever got a taste for beer, it’s just too salty and… brackish. Also malt-anything puts me off. Yet I’d like to try to get a taste for it, as all those varieties and all those regional beers look interesting. Lime and ginger sounds good (and like cola, if you think about it!)

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    • I’m so sorry for this massive culinary gap in your life’s experience 😉 Seriously though, beer’s not for everyone. But now that there are so many flavour varieties available in more places, it’s easier than ever to try new things. A decent craft beer place will let you taste anything before purchase. It’s a great way to dip your toes in the beer pool before diving in with a pint.

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