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It’s absolutely freezing in London today. After a beautiful start to the day, when I walked the 7km from home to my client’s offices, I settled in to work. I’d assumed I’d get to look out at sunshine all morning.

You’d think I’d never been to London before…We’re getting four seasons per day here at the moment.

I just popped out to grab a coffee and the gale-force, biting wind nearly took my breath away. I had a free coffee on my Starbucks account, so experimented with an Americano with coconut milk. Nice. I’ll definitely be having that again.

And free food contains no calories. That’s science.

I’m presently using the coffee cup to warm my hands up again, accompanied by one of the new bars from Huel. It’s a vast improvement on the original version and is both tasty and moist. The older ones were sometimes quite chalky and a tad hard to digest.

I’m due to wrap up here at 4pm today, and was planning to walk home again. But that weather has slightly put me off. I’ve already hit my 10,000 steps goal, so I may be walking only as far as Bank and getting the DLR home from there.

In fact, the cold has turned my mind to hopping in the sauna later this evening. A sure fire way to warm up and relax.

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