I pushed the button

My journey towards a Facebook-free existence continues. After downloading my personal data and announcing my departure to friends, I pressed the ‘confirm’ button and…nothing.

Facebook is giving me another 30 days to reconsider the error of my ways.

Which is big of them.

I think it’s fair to say I won’t be re-activating my account over the next month. I’ve barely used Facebook for months and really want to cut the cord completely. I’ve never used it as a sign-on tool for other services (which is, frankly, a crazy thing to do!) and it’s not the only way I can stay in touch with people.

I’ve shared my contact details with Facebook friends again. And if people I last saw in 1994 can only imagine using Facebook to send me a one-a-year New Year’s Eve greeting, then I think I can live with that.

Some would have you believe that living without Facebook means you’re some kind of digital hermit. That attitude annoys the hell out of me. But it’s their problem, not mine.

Now to reflect on the other online loose threads I can cut. Tumblr, I’m looking at you…

1 comment on “I pushed the button

  1. ethnicolor

    I’m out of FB, WhatsApp, etc for about 2 years now (as in accounts deleted), but ironically I actually recreated FB and WA accounts this weekend. A local group I’m a member of uses these apps extensively , and as we’re planning a large event later this year, I kept missing out on communications. So just last weekend I set up a FaceCloth account, using a once-off email alias and making the account as generic and locked-down as possible. But the “social” habit is long gone; I never even think of Twitter, Instagram, whatever any more, and after two years out I definitely never want to go back into them.

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