48 hours with the HomePod

So yes, I went ahead and bought the HomePod from our neighbour and I’m very happy I did. Apart from getting a nearly new model for less than £150, I’m delighted with how it looks and sounds in our home. 

The sound quality is astonishing for such a small device. It packs a lot of bass. It really fills up the room. Though now I’m quite tempted to get it a twin, pairing them up and seeing how much of a ‘wall of sound’ I can create in the living room.

After just a couple of days use, I can tell you that Siri definitely works better on this than on any other device. You can be heard from across the room when giving her instructions and she gets nine out of ten things right. It’s not as fully functional as Siri on an iPhone for some reason, but it works.

I’m looking forward to getting it connected to home services in due course. All of our lamps are controlled by Alexa right now, and I’d prefer to not have to remember which assistant controls which lights. They’re supposed to make life easier, after all!

I spent a good chunk of yesterday afternoon on the couch, listening to assorted Apple Music playlists and various podcasts. It all sounded great.

So far, so good. Let’s see how it pans out over the next month. And if Apple launch their own equivalent of the Echo Dot, you can count me in!

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