A blank slate

I’m not quite sure just how many iterations this blog has been through. Regardless, here we are again. Another fresh start.

For reasons that are too boring to go into, I’m revisiting how and what I share online. And so, with a plethora of outputs on the go, I decided to restart this blog for some more reflective stuff. An online journal without much of a central theme.

Unless I’m the central theme.

I had actually considered stopping blogging completely, but after sleeping on it, I realised I enjoyed it too much to give it up. But I may scale it back. Or just scale back my expectations.

I’m not sure how popular ‘journal type’ blogs are these days. Most seem to have quite a sharp focus and you know what you’re getting from day one. I can’t promise the same here, I’m afraid.

But let’s see how we get on…


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