Some Tokyo memories…

This day one year ago, I was enjoying some unseasonably gorgeous weather in Tokyo and wandering through the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, a beautiful park that we’d never been to, despite all our time in Japan.

The sun was out, it was lovely and dry and the walk we enjoyed with our local friend Truong was just perfect. There were moments where you could so easily forget you were in the middle of an enormous, sprawling metropolis, and just sit in the sunshine and enjoy some peace and quiet.

I’ll definitely be visiting there again next time we’re in Tokyo (as of today, that’s just 45 days from now!) and would recommend it to anyone planning a trip to Shinjuku.

It’s a very welcome break from the crazy, busy, overwhelming neon crowds of Shinjuku.

4 comments on “Some Tokyo memories…

  1. ethnicolor

    It’s good to have a reminder the world’s not always dark and cold. Last week I was in Gran Canaria, enjoying blue skies and 24-degree heat. Coming back to Irish winter weather is still a shock to the system!


  2. This park is always so wonderful. It’s a really good choice. Thanks for sharing.

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