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I spent a few days working in Barcelona earlier this week, enjoying an unusually less-than-hectic schedule. I found myself slightly confused that I wasn’t run ragged dashing from meeting to meeting – part of my new 2020 focus on self-care, I’d planned things in a much more manageable way.

On my way back to London, I even had a couple of spare hours to spend in the VIP Lounge at Barcelona Airport. This has previously been the bane of my life, for so many reasons, but it’s received a massive face-lift and is now actually quite pleasant.

There’s a reasonable cold buffet, a large selection of hot and cold drinks and a decent bar. Seating is plentiful and it all looks out onto the shopping area below. There’s a new spa and a meeting room, a dedicated business area (so you know exactly where to avoid the men loudly contributing to conference calls) and some very comfortable soft seats for those of us who just dancing lounging about.

I treated myself to a couple of glasses of cava and a plate of meats and cheeses, because let’s face it, I have almost zero willpower. I enjoyed every morsel, though my final twenty minutes was slightly ruined by the family of absolute savages who decided to pick (from the whole nearly-empty lounge) the seats next to mine.

Before they’d even sat down, they all took off their shoes and socks, then lay back on a selection of sofas and began to watch YouTube videos on their various devices – sound turned up, of course.

I’ve seldom been so delighted to see ‘Boarding’ flash on a departures board, as I left them to lounge about and stink the place up with feet and noise.

2 comments on “Lounging about

  1. ethnicolor

    I know you’ve recently reordered your blogs, but I can’t track down your posts on Notion, notebooks, apps etc. Can you point me in the right direction?


    • ethnicolor

      And, of course, as soon as I posted that message I found! Ignore that last post!


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